Updates on Kattankudy Toilet Project

A successful meeting with Representatives of the IYF (Islamic Youth Front - Kattankudy) along with Dr. Fahmy Ismail who accompanied them was conducted at the Java Lounge, Colombo on 14th November 2014.
Our Club was represented by President Nadira, PDG Thariq, PDG Imthiaz and Project Chair PP Ashroff ali.

It was decided to go ahead and build 10 toilets initially with funds received from RC of Hereford and the balance to be bridged by the club.

The cost of each toilet will be Rs. 60,000 of which 7 toilets will be funded by the RC of Hereford and the balance 3 toilets by RC of Colombo Mid Town.

IYF will initially choose worthy recipients and their names and details to be sent to the project committee for final selection before commencing on the work.

The committee did a field visit to Kattankudy in January 2015 and an advance payment has been paid to initiate the work. We hope to complete the project by mid March 2015.

Club Name - Colombo Mid Town
Location - Katankuddy
Start date - 2014-04-04