Daham Pahana Preschool located at Sama Viharaya, Anuradhapura currently has 80 children and the building in which the children were housed was in a dilapidated condition and needed an immediate repair and refurbishment and was not in a suitable condition to accommodate preschoolers.  The walls were cracked and the roof also needed to be raised due to insufficient height, hence during day time it was too hot for the children as the environment lacked ventilation. During rainy weather, the staff found it very difficult to conduct classed as there were number of leaks from the roof.

The RC of Hereford along with RC of Anuradhapura with the support of the Pre-School parents undertook this project to provide these poor children a better living condition & environment in their Pre-school.

A site visit was done in January 2015 and an advance payment was made to initiate the work. The balance payment was made in March & the project was completed by the 2nd week of April 2015

Club Name - Colombo Mid Town
Start date - 2015-01-15